5 Exercises You Can Practice In Bed After Knee Replacement Surgery

5 Exercises You Can Practice

5 Exercises You Can Practice In Bed

Having your knee replacement surgery can be painful, but not moving and staying in bed is not an option. Moving your body and being physically active not only helps you lose weight but can also affect your overall health. Being lazy and following an inactive lifestyle can invite various health problems. We understand that getting back on track after knee replacement surgery isn’t easy, but you have to start somewhere. Here are 5 light exercises that you can easily practice in your bed with minimal movement. However, we would advise you to consult your physiotherapist and your surgeon before doing any type of exercise. Without further ado let’s dive right into this article and learn 5 simple bed exercises that you can practice after knee replacement surgery.

Bed Exercises After Knee Replacement

Listed below are some of the exercises you will need to do after knee replacement surgery:

#1. Knee Press Pillow

A simple exercise that you can do with minimum movements just with the help of a pillow. Follow these simple steps to perform a knee press pillow and get your ankles moving.

  • Place a pillow under your knee
  • Press the back of the knee into the pillow and release
  • Repeat this procedure for 10 reps

#2. Knee Press With Lift

The knee press with lift is an advanced version of the knee press pillow exercise. Take it slow, stay steady and make sure you don’t strain your knees.

  • Place a pillow under your knees
  • Press the back of your knees into the pillow
  • Flex your legs by bending at the ankles.
  • Lift your legs up a bit and release
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times

#3. Knee press with Straight leg lift

Grab a pillow, put it under your knees, and go. A knee press with a straight leg lift is another variation of the knee pressure pillow that will help provide mobility to your knee after surgery.

  • Take a pillow and place it under your knees.
  • Slowly and steadily raise your leg as high as you can.
  • Make sure you don’t bend your knees while lifting your legs.
  • Hold your leg for 5 seconds.
  • Slowly lower your legs down to a resting position.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

#4. Ankle Press on Pillow

A simple but effective exercise that you can do without lifting your feet is with some ankle movements.

  • Place a pillow under your ankles.
  • Press into the cushion and flex your legs.
  • Tighten your knees and pull your kneecaps towards you and then release.
  • Repeat these steps to perform this exercise for 10 repetitions.

#5. Theraband Hamstring Stretch

Get a thera band, place it under your leg and stretch that hamstring. This exercise.


  • Get a thera band, place it under your leg and stretch that hamstring. This exercise.
  • Take a theraband and place it on your leg.
  • Hold the band and keep your elbows close to your chest
  • Flex your legs and straighten your legs.
  • Stretch the Theraband and hold the stretch for 20 seconds then release.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Keep moving but don’t jerk your body suddenly. All the exercises mentioned here are very light and do not involve sudden movements. We would still recommend consulting your surgeon and therapist as they are the experts and know better about your condition.


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