6 Risks Of Plastic Surgery Everyone Considering It Should Know About

6 Risks Of Plastic Surgery

6 Risks Of Plastic Surgery

With upward class mobility, plastic surgery became the norm. Read on to know the dangers of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery and cosmetology have been in vogue for years, now they are growing more than ever. The blame lies with digital culture and lifestyle changes, but it’s a reality that’s here to stay. Due to the change in the way people see themselves, the desire and accessibility to change their appearance as per their choice, people are opting for it these days. Gone is the idea that plastic surgery is only for famous people. People have the freedom to make their own decisions, which is why plastic surgery has become more common among common people.

With the upward mobility of social class that has brought financial independence to many women, plastic surgery has become the norm for many of them. However, there are several health hazards that you should be aware of before undergoing plastic surgery.

Health Risks of Plastic Surgery

1. Hematoma

Approximately 1-6% of breast augmentation procedures develop hematoma. One may also experience this as a complication of facelift surgery. To undo the damage, a person may have to undergo another surgery to fix it which can take a toll on the body.

2. Infection

Infection is one of the most common complications of all types of surgery. In some cases, infections caused by plastic surgery can be severe. As a result, intravenous antibiotics may be needed to treat it. According to Manipal Hospital, about 4% of people who undergo plastic surgery face this risk.

3. Nerve Damage

Plastic surgery (depending on the area of the body) carries the risk of nerve damage. If you develop this complication, you may experience tingling sensations and numbness during or after surgery.

4. Organ Damage

During liposuction, you need to be careful about damaging internal organs. Punctures can occur at any time during surgery. To correct this, you may need an additional surgery.

5. Scarring

Anyone who has plastic surgery will have some scarring. It may not cause any major health risks, but it can result in a red, thickened and raised appearance of the skin. It is more common in women who have undergone breast augmentation.

6. Post-anesthetic Complication

Anesthesia is often used during plastic surgery. General anesthesia is given to make the patient unconscious but it can cause health complications like stroke, heart attack, lung infection and even death in some extreme cases.

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