Cardiac Surgery: 7 Myths And Facts You Must Know

Cardiac Surgery

This is a common misconception that almost all people have about cardiac surgery. This is because surgery is considered a dangerous procedure that needs to be done when no other option is left. In many other diseases, this may be a true theory, but not in heart disease. is often performed to repair damage to the heart. Surgery is done to reduce the risk of complications if not treated permanently. So basically heart surgery can also be a preventive measure to avoid heart

2. Surgery is performed by taking the heart out

This is a very crazy myth about heart surgery. This is absolutely false and heart surgery does not require the heart to be removed from the body except for a heart transplant. All other heart surgeries operate inside the body and cardiac surgery is done through only one incision where the surgery is performed.

3. Heart surgery can cause heat stroke or interrupt brain functioning.

The fact is that surgical interventions have made a drastic improvement from previous generations and technologies. In today’s scenario, there is less risk of complications in such cases. Cardiac surgery is often performed very precisely without affecting brain function or causing a heart stroke. Cardiac surgery is essential in patients with major diseases that, if left untreated, can actually lead to heart stroke or brain problems.

4. Cardiac Surgery is Painful

You don’t really feel anything during cardiac surgery because during that time, the person is fully asleep. Before any heart surgery, the patient is given enough anesthesia to numb the entire area during the surgery. Pain may only occur once the operation is done and the effect of anesthesia wears off. Painkillers are given for this until internal recovery and the person recovers.

5. Patients cannot move after a heart surgery

False: After a patient recovers from cardiac surgery, the body can do a limited amount of physical activity. This restriction is only for a certain period of time until the body recovers from the surgical procedure. Patients can move around a bit and perform some essential tasks. Apart from that the doctor advises the patient to rest for 3-4 weeks depending on the surgery so as not to stress the heart. After this, the person can walk normally and follow his normal routine.

6. Cardiac surgery is extremely risky

One of the biggest myths and concerns people have surrounding cardiac surgery is that they assume it’s too risky. Well, that might have been true a few decades ago, but with advanced technology and knowledge, it’s not risky. Most common heart surgeries are completed successfully. Common surgeries such as valve replacement surgery or bypass surgery now have minimal risks. According to research, about 98% of people have successful heart surgery.

7. Robotic Surgery is better

As the use of technology has increased, misconceptions have also increased. Most people have the belief that robotic cardiac surgery is a safer or better alternative to surgery. But it is not yet confirmed. Cardiac surgery performed by a surgeon is highly successful and safe. Also the robot’s capabilities are good but it’s still a machine. So until we get some proper confirmation about this fact, it still remains a myth.

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