Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital is Singapore’s first private and only not-for-profit Catholic acute tertiary care hospital. We provide compassionate and holistic healthcare to serve all with love. The history of Mount Alvernia Hospital began in 1949 with the arrival of Sister Mary Angela McBrien, Sister Mary Camillus Walsh, and Sister Mary Baptista Hennessy.

Back then, government hospitals were overcrowded and understaffed. The nuns of the Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM) felt that more could be done to bridge the gap. So by pooling their savings and salaries, the FMDM sisters started a core fund and campaigned for donations. Many generous individuals and companies responded to the call and eventually, enough was collected to build a new hospital.

The 60-bed hospital was officially opened on March 4, 1961. Today, the hospital is a 304-bed general acute care medical facility; With tertiary medical capacity and two multi-disciplinary medical specialist centers.

The hospital is supported by more than 1,200 accredited doctors, with more than 200 specialist doctors located on campus. As the hospital develops, more medical suites are expected to be built and the pool of doctors will increase. An exempt charity, the hospital’s annual surplus goes to hospital development and upgrades, supporting Assisi Hospice and community outreach activities.

Mount Alvernia Hospital

DepartmentTel. No.
24 hours
6347 6688
24 hr Walk-In Clinic &
Emergency Services
6347 6210
Maternity Tours
1pm & 2.30pm (Mon-Fri)
6347 6788
Parentcraft Department
(Breastfeeding/Childbirth Education)
8.30am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
8.30am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6641
Health Screening Centre
8am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
8am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6215
Café 820
8am-8pm (Mon-Fri);
8am-6pm (Sat/Sun)
6347 6258
8.30am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
8.30am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6203
Diagnostic Imaging
8.30am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
8.30am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6200
Nutrition & Dietetics
8.30am-6pm (Mon-Fri)
6347 6702
Retail Pharmacy
8.30am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
8.30am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6589
Main Pharmacy
8am-7pm (Mon-Fri);
8am-2pm (Sat);
8.30am-1.30pm (Sun & PH)
6347 6217
Business Office
8.30am-6pm (Mon-Thur);
8.30am-5.30pm (Fri);
6347 6600
Business Office (Admission matters)
 24 hours
6347 6601
Outpatient Lab Services
8am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
8am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6213
Main Hospital Lab
9am-5pm (Mon-Fri);
9am-1pm (Sat)
6347 6202
Assisi Hospice
8.30am-6pm (Mon-Thurs);
8.30am-5.30pm (Fri)
6832 2650