Habits that are responsible for heart disease

Habits or lifestyles are largely responsible for heart disease. Laziness-depression-action-apathy-obesity and high blood pressure are responsible for heart disease. Saturated fat-trans fat-sodium and cholesterol rich foods are responsible for heart disease.

Watching TV while lying down

The habit of watching TV for a long time while lying down is a habit that is responsible for heart disease. If you lie down for a long time without sleep, the metabolism in the body decreases and body fat accumulates. If you lie down for a long time, your blood pressure may also increase. So try to watch TV not lying down.

Suffering from depression

Depression is one of the most common problems in civic life. Many people create a complex by keeping various problems or stress in their midst. One of the reasons for this is loneliness or family unrest. Chatting or recreation or sports are helpful in overcoming depression. If necessary, the advice of a psychiatrist should be taken.


Drinking alcohol or taking various sleeping pills is responsible for heart disease. Quitting alcohol should try to find healthy normal pleasure.


Smoking is directly responsible for heart disease. Smoking causes high blood pressure. So you must quit smoking to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Junk food or fatty red meat

Renowned Indian surgeon Dr Devi Sethi has identified junk food and fatty red meat as the main causes of heart disease in the Indian subcontinent.

The tendency to overeat

The tendency to overeat can lead to heart disease. This is because excessive calorie accumulation can lead to obesity.

Gum disease

Recent studies have linked heart disease to gum disease. So it is not right to ignore gum disease


Nasal congestion is associated with heart disease so consult a doctor to eliminate nasal congestion.

Symptoms of heart disease or heart attack :

Symptoms of heart disease or heart attack

Many of us don’t know we have heart disease or problems. If you have an idea in advance, it can be cured to a great extent. Let’s not know which symptoms should not be ignored.

Chest pain or tingling or throbbing

Feelings of tingling in the left side of the chest are signs of heart disease. It can usually last for a few minutes. If you have such symptoms, you must consult a doctor.

Feeling of chest tightness or shortness of breath

Such feelings can be a sign of heart disease.

Nausea or vomiting

Vomiting can also be due to other reasons. However, sometimes such nausea can be a symptom of heart disease. Especially in the case of women.

Insomnia or sleep problems

There can be many reasons for not falling asleep. However, it should be checked whether it is due to heart disease.

Swelling or numbness of hands and feet

Swelling of the hands, feet or around the eyes due to blood circulation problems etc. These can be due to heart problems. Therefore, in these cases, a doctor should be consulted immediately.


Feeling dizzy or empty in the head or feeling shaky may be a sign of heart disease.

Getting tired very easily

Slight fatigue or weakness can cause heart failure.

Irregular heartbeat

Those who have irregular heartbeats must seek medical attention.

Foods that are responsible for heart disease :

Foods that are responsible for heart disease

Foods that are responsible for heart disease

The biggest enemy of the heart is some food. It is very important to avoid these foods. These foods should be avoided, especially if you are over thirty years of age.

Soft drinks or soft drinks

Soft drinks contain added sugar which is responsible for obesity. Studies among Americans have shown that the extra calories they consume come not from their food but from beverages or drinks.

Cakes or biscuits or pastries

Cakes or biscuits or pastries also contain added sugar which is responsible for fattening the body. In addition to added sugar, they also contain artificial sweeteners that can damage the heart.

Chocolate or candy

Chocolate or candy raises blood sugar levels. These are very rich in calories and also contain various harmful colors.

Ice cream

Ice cream also raises blood sugar levels. It is also very rich in calories and contains a variety of artificially colored nanny which is rich in cholesterol.

Deep fried salt mixed food or junk food

Deep fried salty foods or junk food are mainly responsible for high blood pressure. According to Dr. Devi Sethi, junk food is the leading cause of heart disease in the Indian subcontinent. Red fat meat
This type of meat contains a lot of harmful cholesterol which builds up in the arteries. Many people in the Indian subcontinent suffer from heart disease after eating red fat meat.

Fried chicken

It is a junk food and trans fats are made in it.


It contains saturated fats which are harmful to the heart. Moreover it is a junk food so processed meat is used.

What are the best foods for the heart?

The best foods for the heart

Heart disease is one of the most common diseases in humans today. We usually know about the foods that are harmful to the heart. But at the same time it is necessary to know which foods are very useful and useful for the heart. Let’s find out.

Marine fish

Omega-3 fatty acid rich marine fish such as tuna fish or salmon fish. Also any marine fish has more or less the same element. Another thing to keep in mind is that fish is better than hearty meat. So you have to enjoy eating fish more. And marine fish is better than freshwater fish.


Spinach contains calcium, potassium and vitamin B complex. It is a recognized plant for the heart.


In general, green vegetables must be eaten to stay healthy. This is more applicable to the heart.


Almonds are very beneficial for the heart. Almonds or peanuts, however, contain vitamin E which helps in lowering cholesterol.

Tomatoes and broccoli

Both tomatoes and broccoli are rich in vitamins B and C. Broccoli contains potassium fol ate and fiber. These vegetables have always been considered as heart healthy vegetables.

Blueberries or blackberries

Blueberries or strawberries are very good for the heart. It contains heart phytonutrients and soluble ash.

Flax seeds or pumpkin seeds

It contains omega-3, fiber and photo estrogens which keep the heart healthy.

Beans or beans

Such beans contain fiber and vitamin-B and minerals which are useful for the heart.

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