How to weight loss easily

Top 13 Eating Habits That Can Reduce Your Weight :

Top 13 Eating Habits That Can Help You Weight Loss There is nothing better than good habits for good health. The prerequisite for developing good habits is to give up bad habits. Good habits are much more effective than diet plans, exercise or medicine. Let’s take a look at some habits that are helpful not only for weight control but also for overall healthy living.

1. Cooked food:
Eat cooked food. Try to avoid factory made foods such as bread, biscuits, chips, chocolate, processed or processed foods.
2. Preference for snacks:
Prefer hotel breakfast over bakery food (biscuits, cakes, chocolates) as a snack or snack as bakery food is the most caloric rich.
3. Three B:
Bakery, Brewery, Beverage Avoid these three B’s. Prefer hotel cooked food rather than bakery food, home cooked food rather than fast food, fruit juice rather than soft drink, champagne, beverage made with different natural and herbal ingredients than beer.
4. Chew food gently and eat well:
Avoid watching television or talking on the phone while eating. Chew food gently.
5. Fish rather than meat:
Give more priority to fish than meat.
6. Sit down to eat:
Try to eat food while sitting.
7. Salad:
Start eating breakfast, lunch, dinner or any snack or snack at least a little while.
8. Salt-salt than sweet taste:
Prefer salty-salty foods over sweet ones.
9. Eating on time:
Try to eat on time.
10. Before 9 pm:
Try to have dinner before 9 pm.
11. Vegetarian:
Eat vegetarian at least once a week.
12. Rice or curry :
Eat curry with rice, not rice with curry. Of course I’m talking about vegetables and salads. Make a habit of eating bread or boiled potatoes at the same time as rice.
13. Seasonal results:
Try to eat fruits according to the season (whether domestic or foreign)

Top 10 Harmful Habits That Can Cause Your Weight Gain :

Harmful Habits That Can Cause Your Weight Gain

The 10 most harmful habits that are responsible for weight gain. Notice which of these you have. If so, give up the bad habits and develop good eating habits. Develop good eating habits. And stay healthy constantly. Let’s see.

1. Inattentive eating:
Eat with full attention while eating. Avoid watching TV, talking on the phone, listening to music while eating.

2. Insomnia:
Insomnia or irregular sleep can cause overeating, so try to get the right amount of sleep at the right time.

3. Sweet at the end of the meal:
Many people have a habit of making sweets after eating. In this case, instead of high-calorie foods (such as rasgolla, sweets, soft drinks) eat fruits and vegetables.

4. Where to eat:
Don’t rely on what is available to meet your eating needs. Plan to eat the right food in any situation.

5. Drink soft drinks, energy drinks and beer-champagne regularly:
Almost all the drinks available in the market are rich in calories. In this case you can make fruit juice and drink it.

6. Do not eat breakfast regularly:
Many people do not eat much in the morning. Again some people cannot eat in the morning due to getting up late. This is not eating but rather responsible for their weight gain.

7. Hate physical work:
Many people feel disrespected for doing physical work or cannot do any physical work under the pressure of job or office work which is responsible for their weight gain. Minor household chores should be done at least.

8. Lazy living:
Extreme laziness is seen in many people nowadays. They spend all their time eating and drinking, watching TV, watching sports, watching movies. They stay away from any physical work or exercise. Such a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for abnormal weight.

9. Refrain from regular sports or exercise:
That means not doing any kind of sports. Simultaneously refrain from exercise or practice.

10. Overeating:
The tendency to overeat is now seen among many. If sports or exercise are added to this tendency then the chances of getting fat are very high.

Top 13 Fruits That Help You Loss Weight :

Top 13 Fruits That Help You Lose Weight

We all know how beneficial fruits are for our body. But the fruit is what to loss weight

Apples contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, petrochemicals and antioxidants that help nourish the body and increase disease resistance and metabolism. This is a good fruit for those who follow a low-calorie diet.

Pears contain a lot of fiber which helps in lowering blood sugar levels. It also contains potassium which lowers blood cholesterol and benefits the heart.

Bananas contain vitamin B-6 which helps in disease prevention. It also contains potassium and fiber and iron which indirectly helps in weight control.

Blueberries :
It contains the highest amount of anti-oxidants that control cholesterol, reduce hypertension and prevent obesity.

Strawberries increase the production of the hormones adiponectin and lepton. These two hormones are helpful in reducing fat. It also boosts metabolism and helps heal damaged tissues.

Grapefruit or Lemon :
This type of fruit is very low in calories. So this fruit is effective in weight control.

Peaches or berries:
As a result, it contains potassium which is beneficial for the heart and contains a lot of anti-oxidants which increase metabolism.

Coconut contains triglycerides which can increase liver metabolism by up to 30% and also contains potassium and a lot of fiber.

Pomegranate :
Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidants. It prevents fat levels in the arteries of the heart.

Oranges are helpful in boosting metabolism. It contains vitamin C, thiamine, fol ate and lots of fiber

Mango helps in increasing metabolism. Although mango has more calories than other fruits, it also contains vitamins C, A and calcium.

Pepe helps in increasing metabolism. It contains anti-oxidants, carotene, vitamin C and flavoring.

Hog plum:
Hog plum contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Carotene etc. Lowers blood cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. It relieves indigestion and constipation.

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