Important Tips for Men

7 Important Tips for Men

1. Even if you feel okay.

One of the best ways men can promote their own good health is to get a physical or wellness checkup every year – regardless of age or health concerns. In addition to a general once-over, the physical should include cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure assessments. Find a GRMC Doctor

2. your doctor when something doesn’t seem right.

If you notice changes in your sleeping or bathroom habits, have a cut or sore that doesn’t seem to heal, notice a change in your mole or birthmark, or if you experience unexplained weight fluctuations or sexual dysfunction

Remember that many important health problems start out as minor problems that could have been prevented or better managed if they had been detected early. Instead of thinking of it as a matter of “roughing it,” invest in your future good health by discussing your health concerns with your doctor.

3. Know Your Family History – And Share It With Your Doctor.

Your doctor can help you develop an action plan to minimize those risks and increase your chances of early detection.

4. Get Exercising on Mon.

Taking some time out to play golf, go to a ballgame, or watch TV with your family isn’t just a fun idea – it’s the best exercise that helps you de-stress. If you’re having trouble finding a place to relax, find creative ways to get some “you” time, like listening to audiobooks and podcasts at work or while you’re tending to the yard.

6. Ask Your Doctor About Cancer Screening

Based on your age, family history, and lifestyle, your doctor may recommend you get screened for colon cancer, prostate cancer, or lung cancer.

7. Quit Smoking.

Ask your doctor to help you create an action plan, then pick an “exit date” and stick to it. Download a Quit Smoking Guide.

7 Important Tips for Men
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