To survive from Corona 22 emergency advice for the next 1 year Dr. Devi Sethi

Dr. Devi Sethi has given 22 urgent advice for the next 1 year to survive from corona virus. The tips are simple. Of course, life will match.

1. Foreign travel suspended for one year.

2. Don’t eat outside for the next one year.

3. Do not go to weddings or other similar occasions.

4. Don’t travel unnecessarily.

5. Don’t go to a crowded place for at least a year.

6. Follow the rules of social distance completely.

7. Stay away from cough.

8. Keep the mask face to face.

9. Be very careful in the current one or two week.

10. Don’t let any noise around you.

11. For 6 months from now, don’t go to cinema halls, shopping malls, crowded markets. Parks, parties, etc. should also be avoided if possible.

12. Increase resistance.

13. Be very careful when you are in a barber shop or beauty salon parlor.

14. Avoid unnecessary meetings, always keep in mind the social distance.

15. Corona’s threat is not ending soon.

16. Don’t wear belts, rings, watches when you go out. No need for a watch. Your mobile has got time.

17. No handkerchiefs, take sanitizer.

18. Do not bring shoes into your home. Leave it out.

19. Clean your hands.

20. Take a full bath when you feel you have approached a suspicious patient.

21. Follow this warning for 6 to 12 months after lock down or lock down.

22. Share it with your family and friends.

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