This practice is responsible for destroying the liver

A very important organ is the liver. As we see every day, lessons are done in the liver and then distributed throughout the body. The liver plays the most important role in supporting the body. This liver contracts rapidly, causing it to not function properly. We ourselves are the ones to blame for destroying the liver. Some of our habits damage the liver.

1. Drinking:

A very common cause of liver damage is excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol consumption reduces the liver’s ability to eliminate toxins. Alcohol causes fatty deposits in the liver. Due to which liver damage, fatty liver and even fatal diseases like liver cancer occur.

2. Additional medication:

The liver loses its function due to excessive drug consumption. Not only that, herbs, vitamin supplements, etc. destroy the functioning of the liver. Acetaminophen, also known as Tylenol, is a drug that can damage the liver. It is in medicine used for colds, and fevers. It is considered a safe drug. However, in excess consumption, it damages the liver. So avoid taking medicine only when fever is cold.

3. Smoking:

It is said that “smoking is poisoning”. This smoking is responsible for damaging your liver. Cigarettes directly affect the liver. Cigarette smoke directly affects the liver and produces oxidative stress. This oxidative stress damages liver tissue through fibrosis. Not only this, it interferes with the daily functions of the liver.

4. Insufficient sleep:

Many people have insomnia. This insomnia problem or insufficient sleep damages your liver. According to the Journal of Anatomy, insufficient sleep creates oxidative stress. Another study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine revealed that people who suffer from sleep problems at night are more likely to suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease as well as liver problems.

5. Obesity and malnutrition:

Along with other physical problems, obesity has harmful effects on the liver. The liver normally processes and regulates blood sugar and fat levels. Excess food, sugar or fat cannot be processed by the liver. Due to which fat accumulates around the liver. Not eating nutritious food such as green vegetables, fruits, excess fast food, junk food also accumulates fat in the liver.

This practice is responsible for destroying the liver!

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