Tips Blood Pressure

Tips Blood Pressure

Recent studies by the World Health Organization show that Africa has the highest number of blood pressure-related diseases, affecting about 46 percent of adults.

Among the 34 countries surveyed, Nigeria has the highest number of high blood pressure patients.

Some stress is essential for the normal functioning of the body.

High blood pressure (hypertension) makes the heart work too hard. It thickens the blood vessels and weakens the heart muscle.

Many people with hypertension do not know this. It does not show many symptoms and has earned the nickname “silent killer”. High blood pressure along with high cholesterol and high blood sugar dramatically accelerates the chances of heart disease.

High blood pressure is preventable and controllable. A daily exercise routine along with a healthy diet helps prevent and manage high blood pressure.

Year after year, people make New Year’s resolutions; How many of these are related to healthy living?

Exercise regularly: Exercising regularly helps the human body function optimally. It boosts digestion and helps in better sleep. Exercising for an hour 3-4 days a week can reduce the risk of many diseases and control diabetes and high blood pressure.
Healthy Diet: Eating healthy and balanced meals thrice a day is essential for optimal body functioning. We should know how to manage our stress and worries. Many studies have shown that constant anxiety and stress levels can induce diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, and heart disease.
Smoking and alcohol: Avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol consumption can save your life. Smoking can cause serious cancer. Heavy alcohol consumption can affect the gastric system, kidneys, and liver.
Regular check-ups help prevent and control many serious diseases.

Tips Blood Pressure

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